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After a brief hiatus, GRAVITY is back... and back with a vengeance! We've got together with the people responsible for ANTIDOTE to organise an event truly befitting the occasion.

In a new, FULLY LICENSED venue in the heart of North London, and backed up by the ANTIDOTE crew, GRAVITY's resident DJs will once again provide their inimitable blend of inescapably powerful music that is simply unavailable elsewhere...

...and as if that's not enough to whet your appetites, the night will be given an extra dimension with hypnotic visuals provided by Poland's VJ Trotula

Past Gravity events

To celebrate our first birthday we had a guest appearance from one of the scene's brightest stars: OCTANE's resident DJ STEINBECK. A member of the D.O.A. crew [a group known for putting heart and soul into their performances] Steinbeck certainly didn't disappoint... we were treated to an hour of the finest Hardstyle - remorselessly full of energy and monster tunage...
And with the Gravity residents unleashing their inimitable brand of Electronik Warfare, the night was pounding from start to finish!

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The 5th Gravity saw the rerturn of the ever brilliant DJ GASsMANn who, with the Gravity Residents, rocked the place to its very foundations

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With the fourth Gravity, we unveiled more decor, better lights and cheaper drinks... With some pounding sets from the resident DJs and our best attendance yet, the night was awesome fun for all who ventured out

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We certainly did not rest on our laurels between the second and third Gravitys... Not only did we acquire both a smoke machine & a laser to bring more atmosphere to the venue, we also lined up Antiworld's DJ Soylent as well as securing a live show from Kommand & Kontrol

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